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Wear Red to Mass on Pentecost!

May 31, 2019


We wear GREEN on St. Patrick’s Day.

We add GOLD to the GREEN on any day that the Green Bay Packers play.

We dress in RED, WHITE and BLUE on the Fourth of July.

Though thoroughly ignored by the media and society in general, Pentecost is one of the greatest days on the Christian calendar—it is a celebration of fulfillment, an end to fear and anxiety brought about by the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples.

In Roman Catholic tradition, RED is the color of the Holy Spirit—so wear RED (or any other hot, fiery color) to Mass on Pentecost!!

At the very least, isn’t it fitting that we celebrate the Coming of the Spirit and the Birthday of the Church as much as we celebrate the Packers making the playoffs??

Next Sunday, June 8-9, is Pentecost.

Please remember to wear RED to Mass and show that the fire of the Holy Spirit is welcome and alive in all of us


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