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July 2017 archive of Parish Announcements

July 2017 archive of Parish Announcements

It's Summer! "Mom, what can we do today?"

Posted by Mary O'Connell on 7/14/17

Are your children asking you that?  Well, here is an idea for something to do and at the same time show His Way to your children.  We are collecting Children's Books for Our Next Generation, Inc., who "makes a difference in the lives of urban youth".  Explain to your ... Read More »

WCS Auction Announcement

Posted by Christine Meyer on 7/05/17

The Wauwatosa Catholic School Auction for Education committee proudly presents this year’s 2017 Auction theme: “Surf’s Up! ~ Making Waves for WCS” 

All information can be found clicking here.

We hope you will save the date, bring friends, and join us on Saturday, November 4 from 5:00 pm to ... Read More »

This Weekend's Gospel Meditation

Posted by Christine Meyer on 7/05/17

Sunday July 9, 2017 - Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

ENCOURAGE DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF SCRIPTURE"Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest." Is there anyone to whom this doesn't apply? Don't we all have to labor at something, whether it be ... Read More »


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