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October 2016 archive of Parish Announcements

October 2016 archive of Parish Announcements

Annual Stewardship Campaign

Posted by Christine Meyer on 10/26/16

The Annual Stewardship Campaign for 2017 began last weekend.  Parishioners were asked to pick up their packets on the way into or after Mass to save the church postage costs.  Several of those packets still remain so please be sure to stop this weekend, October 29 and October 30.  

If you read Father's letter and attended one of his "State of the Parish" meetings last week you are asked to prayerfully consider your pledge to the parish in Time, Talent and Treasure for 2017.  The parish is poised to take advantage lots of potential in the coming years but we need your help to move ... Read More »

News from Father Phillip

Posted by Christine Meyer on 10/26/16

Thanks to all who attended “Pizza with the Pastor” last Wednesday or Sunday. If you haven’t read the letter that was the primary focus of the meeting, please go to the parish website and take some time to read it. Now is the time to pray and to look ... Read More »

2015-2016 Financial Statements

Posted by Christine Meyer on 10/26/16

For more information and the view the 2015-2016 Financial Statements that were submitted to the Archdiocese please click here.  If you have any questions, please call Christine Meyer in the church office.

Letter from Father Phillip

Posted by Christine Meyer on 10/14/16

October, 2016 

Dear Parishioners:

Proclaiming Christ and making disciples through the sacramental life of the Church is the mission of Jesus Christ and the Church, the mission of the Archdiocese, and our mission as a Catholic parish. Now pastor of Saint Bernard more than a year I need to ... Read More »

Ministry Enrichment Gathering

Posted by Christine Meyer on 10/06/16

Incense:  some of us love it, some of us dive under the pews the moment we sense that it's about to make an appearance at Mass.  But how many of us really know why we use it in the first place?  If you are curious to learn that answers ... Read More »

Your "neighbor" received your gifts...

Posted by Mary O'Connell on 10/03/16

"And who is my neighbor?"  Jesus tells us to treat those who need help with mercy like the Good Samaritan did.  You crossed that street with your donations of socks and underwear giving comfort, security and dignity to your neighbors at Repairers of the Breach and The Guest House.  Your ... Read More »


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