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A child's view...

Dec 3, 2015

My sister, Janice, and I had lunch with two of her granddaughters (grand-nieces to me) at Denny's.  I was telling her how St. Bernard parishioners buy toys, games and clothes for the poor children.  Julia was listening and then she asked, "Why doesn't Santa bring presents to poor children?"  My sister and I stopped and looked at each other and with some quick thinking I explained that some children are homeless and so Santa doesn't know where they are.  He asks us to help find them and share our gifts with them.  She seemed satisfied, I thought, but then..."what do you mean "homeless"?  I tried to explain "joblessness" and "shelters", but soon we were just back to eating our lunch.  Julia only ate half of hers and asked if she could take the rest home for her other sister.  Sometimes it's the little ones who show us His Way.

Please help "Santa" bring a smile to the children and others by wrapping a gift, putting a note on it as to what is inside and bringing it to Mass this weekend (or next) and laying it by the altar.  Thank you!


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