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Scrip-The Unfundraiser

What is it?

Scrip is simply gift cards for many retailers, restaurants and services both local and nation-wide.  Instead of using cash, checks or your credit card when you purchase goods or services, you use your Scrip gift card.  The great thing about Scrip is that you can use it for everyday purchases, groceries, gas, prescriptions, gifts, etc.  You won't be spending any more money than your already do.  You will be helping to raise funds to support St Bernard and Wauwatosa Catholic School (WCS).

How does it work?

The Scrip program allows the church to purchase gift cards and certificates in bulk at a discount.  The Scrip retailers offer discounts varying from 2% to 20%.  Parishioners and school families buy Scrip from St Bernard at face value and the church or WCS receives the benefit of the profit.  For example, Meijer Stores cards are available at a 3% discount - when you purchase a gift card for $100, the parish receives $3.  While it doesn't seem like much by itself, purchasing $100 worth of Meijer cards each week for a year generates $156.

How do you purchase Scrip?

We have most popular vendors available on an immediate pick up basis.  These cards are available in the church office during regular business hours during the week or after Masses on Saturday and Sunday in the back of the church.  After you purchase your cards you can spend them just like cash.

In addition to the vendors available for immediate pick up, there are hundreds more vendors you can special order for delivery to the church in a week or so depending on when the church office receives the order.  Going on a road trip?  How about ordering a gift card for the Cracker Barrel Restaurant?  Staying in a Hyatt Hotel?  How about ordering a gift card for your hotel stay?  If you would like to see the complete listing of scrip cards available please click here.

Scrip order forms are available in the church office or from the Scrip table on Saturday or Sunday in the back of the church or by clicking here.  Add you special order requests to the order form and return to the office in an envelope with your check or cash.  Special Orders received by Noon on Monday should be available to pick up in the church office late Thursday or Friday during regular business hours of that week or after Masses that weekend. 

What's the catch?

It requires a little planning on your part, but once you get in the habit of using Scrip for your everyday and special purchases, you will be surprised at how easy it is.

What's the benefit?

By planning ahead for your Scrip purchases, it can actually assist you with household budgeting. And even more importantly, those what seems small to you, combined with the other parishioners and school families can add up to thousands of dollars for the church and WCS.  Please see the enrollment form for more specific information.

How do you get started?

Click here for the current Scrip Purchase Agreement.  It will take just a few minutes of your time to complete.  Turn in this form with your first order when you visit the office or after Mass on the weekend.  There's is no registration waiting period, you can start purchasing our Scrip today.  Scrip enrollment forms are also available in the church office or at the Scrip table after weekend Masses.

What is Presto Pay, Reload, Reload Now and Scrip Now?

In order to order scrip online via one of the three methods above, you must first establish a Presto Pay account.  This is the account you will use to pay for your online scrip purchases and is tied to your bank account.  To enroll in Presto Pay please click here to be directed to the Shop with Scrip website.

Once you have gone through the process you will need to contact the church office to give us the code you received so we can allow you to use Presto Pay and put that code into your family record. Please be sure to complete the Scrip Purchase Agreement and return to the office or click here before you start registering for Presto Pay.

To learn more about Reload and Reload Now you can watch the video below.

To learn more about scrip now please watch the video below.

For more information on the how to order Scrip online please click here for "The Family Ordering Guide."  You can also click here to view the "Dashboard Cheat Sheet."

For more information please call Christine Meyer at 414-258-4320 Ext 103 or click here to send an email message.