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More Giving Options

Memorial/Honorarium Gifts

When someone dies or there is someone you wish to celebrate or even a significant milestone in your life you can give a lasting tribute to that person by making a donation to the church.  Gifts can be designated for a variety of uses including operating expenses, the Father Hentzner fund has money for scholarships for Religious Education students, tuition assistance for students of Wauwatosa Catholic School, the Mortgage Mission (to payoff the mortgage debt) or the endowment fund.  If you wish to make a memorial or gift in honor of a loved one, or to make a donation to any of the funds listed please click here.


Matching Gifts

1djw2r9ym88fkfiimt3bv99xezl.pngAccording to Wikipedia, "A matching gift fund or matching gift, also known as a matching fund or matching donation is a charitable gift made toward a nonprofit organization by matching the donor's gift under the provision that an original donor first makes a gift toward that organization."  Please click here to view a list of employers who are know to match employee gifts.

An example:  an employee of a bank which matches gifts gives $100 to the church.  Since this bank is a matching gift corporation, it will match the donor's $100 gift to the church one-on-one, for a total of $200.  While the church member doesn't get credit for the $200 on her contribution statement, she has the satisfaction of knowing she increased the value of her gift to the church.

In order to procure the matching funds for St Bernard, please check with your employer (usually your human resources department is a good place to start) to see if they have a matching gift program in place.  Check to see what paperwork is required for you to double your gift to St Bernard Congregation.  

If you have any questions about matching gifts please contact Christine Meyer, 414-258-4320 Ext 103 or click here to send an email message.

St Bernard Federal Tax ID: 39-0806326


Stocks & Securities


Gifts of appreciated securities include stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other assets.  Smart gift planning combines charitable intent with cost-effective planning techniques.  Of critical importance is the kind of asset used to fund the gift.  Usually, long-term appreciated property can generate the most favorable tax benefits.  Reason: Gifts of securities provide a double benefit to the donor, a charitable deduction, in most cases for the full fair-market value of the security, plus avoidance of any potential capital gain tax. Donating securities to the church is easy!

How do I donate securities to the church?

After consulting with your attorney, tax professional or financial advisor, and your have determined you want to make a donation of securities to St Bernard, please contact your stock broker.  St Bernard has a brokerage account at Morgan Stanley,  The account information is below. Please give this information to your broker to aid in the transfer of the securities to the church.

Next please notify the church office of your intention by calling Christine Meyer at 414-258-4320 Ext 103 or click here to send an email message with the information.  It is important to notify the church office because there are rules of confidentiality involved with the brokerage industry (to protect its clients) and the church wants to be able to acknowledge the gift upon receipt. While most brokerage firms will send a letter to the church notifying them of the donation, sometimes the letter is received after the funds have been deposited into the church bank account.

If you have any questions please call Christine Meyer at 414-258-4320 Ext 103 or click here to send an email message.

Morgan Stanley, Account #312-125594 & DTC #0015 


Charitable Checking

9qpfxb6mghavd9l0177zcq66wcl.jpgDo you bank with WaterStone Bank (WSB)?  Our bank, WSB is starting a new program called "Charitable Checking" for it's bank customers.  St Bernard has been selected by the State Street Branch to participate in the pilot of this new program.  Each Spring, the bank will make a donation to St Bernard based on the consolidated average annual balances of all those customers who have named St Bernard Parish as their choice recipient for their active checking account.  

If you are a WSB customer, please pick up the phone and call the State Street Branch of WSB at 414-459-4302 and let them know you want to list St Bernard as your recipient for their "Charitable Checking" program.  This is your opportunity to give support the church without lifting a finger!  If you have any family members or friends who bank with WSB, please be sure to let them know about this opportunity to help your parish.

If you have any questions about this program please don't hesitate to call Christine Meyer in the church office at 414-258-4320 or click here to send an email message.