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Building & Grounds

This committee acts as an advisory committee to the pastor and associate pastor.  This committee identifies the physical needs of the parish property, its maintenance and upkeep.  It will make recommendations and suggestions as to how the money collected from the Buiildings & Grounds restricted funds should be spent by the parish sfaff. 

The committee meets 4 to 5 times a year.  Members of the committee should be versed in areas of construction, building trades and building maintenance.  The committee welcomes new members.  For more information please contact Tom Wenzel at 414-771-5228 or click here to send an email message. 


Christian Formation

Our Mission: The Christian Formation Committee nourishes and supports all parish members in their lifelong process of growing in faith by planning, implementing, communicating and encouraging participation in ongoing opportunities for Christian education and formation with the ultimate goal of putting people in communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Our committee promotes and develops opportunities for lifelong faith formation aimed at personal conversion and growth in faith. The members collaborate with the pastor, staff and Pastoral Council in this area of mission on programs of evangelization and catechesis. Our committee accounts to the pastor and Pastoral Council. Subcommittees include Evangelization, Parish Collaborative, Religious Education, Youth Ministry and Rosary Ministry.

Meetings are held at 7 PM the second Monday of the month in home settings. Members must be active parishioners who are at least 18 years old. Parish members interested in leading the parish’s formation/evangelization activities and building a strong, welcoming Christian community for all are welcome! Discernment occurs in spring for a one-year term.

For more information about this committee please contact Pat Brophy at 414.771.0984 or click here to send an email message.


Human Concerns

The Human Concerns Committee discerns the needs of persons in the parish and the wider community, especially the poor, and identifies resources to meet those needs enlisting the active cooperation of parish members. This mandated standing committee fulfills the justice dimension of scripture and our church tradition, acknowledging that every Christian is called to service and to work for justice, including Respect for Life efforts.

Funds for Human Concerns are part of the parish budget, as well as donations received specifically in envelopes marked "Human Concerns". As part of our outreach program, the Human Concerns Committee donates money to various agencies in the community that fulfill the Corporal Works of Mercy. The Human Concerns Committee meets on the third Thursday in September, October and April. To send an email to the Human Concerns Committee, click here.

They advertise the details of their activities on this website's calendar and announcements, as well as, in the weekly bulletin, on the bulletin boards, Mass announcements, Parish Announcements on this website and "News You Can Use" e-mail blasts.

Human Concerns Activities

Christmas & Easter-Cards & Plants:  Parishioners are invited to address Christmas or Easter card(s) to our home bound parishioners. The cards and plants are delivered by volunteers to the recipients a week before each holiday.

Respect for Life Baby Shower:  A baby shower is held during the month of October.  Parishioners are asked to bring baby items to church.  These items are given to agencies that minister to single mothers who chose to give the gift of life to their child.

Christmas Gift Sharing Weekends:  Parishioners are asked to bring a wrapped Christmas gift (men, women, children) to church during two specific weekends in Advent. These gifts are sorted and given to various agencies in the Milwaukee area to be distributed to the needy.

Guest House:  A shelter for homeless men located at 1216 N. 13th Street. Volunteers from St. Bernard help staff the shelter 2 or 3 times per month - about 2 hours in the evenings. They dispense toiletries, linens and work in the reception area. The Guest House is also a recipient of toiletries from our monthly Human Concerns collection.

Hygiene Bags Ministry:  Personal care items are purchased in bulk, assembled in bags and delivered to St. Ben's and the Open Door Café at the Cathedral meal programs for distribution.

Sandwich Making:  Sandwiches are made every other Tuesday in the Griffey Center kitchen and delivered to local shelters, The Guest House and Repairers of the Breach.. 

Mass of Remembrance:  Sympathy cards are sent and literature given to the bereaved. A special liturgy is held on November 2nd for those who have lost a loved one during the preceding year. A light dinner is served after the liturgy.

Monthly Human Concerns Collection:  Non-perishable food and toiletries are collected on the third weekend of each month. These are sorted and bagged after the 10am Sunday Mass in the Clairvaux vestibule. The food is delivered to SET Ministries and the toiletries to local shelters.

Mother's Day Rose Sale:  Roses are sold after the Mother's Day weekend Masses to support Wisconsin Right to Life - Milwaukee Chapter.

Outreach Funds:  The Human Concerns Committee reviews requests for funding and makes donations to groups that advocate, educate and serve the poor.

Home Eucharistic Ministry:  An organized group of volunteers are scheduled to bring Eucharist to our homebound parishioners each weekend.

Meal Program:  Parishioners bake potatoes at home on the last Sunday of the month for St. Ben's Meal Program.  (The rest of the meal  and serving it is done by St. Bruno's in Dousman.)  Please contact Dick Eisenhauer at 774-5470 if you would like to help by baking potatoes monthly, quarterly, or as a sub for our regular bakers.

For more information please contact the Human Concerns chairperson by clicking here or call the church office at 414-258-4320 during regular business hours


Prayer & Worship Committee

The Prayer and Worship Committee meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month.  In addition to assisting with the Liturgy volunteers (Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors and Ushers) the Prayer and Worship Committee's area of service includes:

  • Prayer Circle which is serves as a telephone chair of special intentions for those in need.
  • Worship Environment which assists with the seasonal enhancement of the worship environment.
  • Sanctuary workers are teams of two people who handle the important task of keeping our worship area clean and orderly.  They fill candles, replenish vigil light, vacuum, dust and water plants.

If you are interested in participating in the Prayer and Worship Committee please call Mary Pat Schuetz at 414-339-7811 or click here to send an email message.

Gift Giving Club: Each month specific items are requested to be donated, sorted and delivered to designated agencies that serve the poor.  This includes our Respect for Life Baby Shower in October and our Christmas Gift Sharing in December.


Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee assists the pastor in developing Stewardship as a way of life in the parish, an attitude of the mind and heart that is expressed in action; emphasizing that all people, things, and experiences are gifts from God.  An active parish Stewardship Committee is an important and necessary element in designing, implementing and maintaining the parish Stewardship process. This committee is instrumental in assisting the pastor in the areas of education and formation, facilitation, communication, implementation, follow-up and evaluation of the parish Stewardship process.

The Stewardship Committee responsibilities include the following:

  • Assist the pastor and parish leadership in the overall design, implementation and evaluation of the parish Stewardship process.
  • Develop a comprehensive timetable and related procedures to facilitate the annual renewal process.
  • Pursue available forms of communication to build awareness of Stewardship and parish activities, such as bulletins, parish web-site, newsletters, witnesses, ministry fair, town hall meetings, homilies, etc.
  • Coordinate Stewardship efforts with the parish welcoming program.
  • Maintain a catalogue of parish ministries and organizations.
  • Review and revise, if necessary, the parish time, talent and treasure commitment forms to be sure they appropriately represent the mission, ministries, activities, and structure of the parish.
  • Host periodic Stewardship presentations to parish leadership explaining Stewardship in general, the parish renewal process and the importance of Stewardship in the parish community.
Joyful Generosity

We first must receive God's gifts gratefully. We are good stewards when we recognize and rejoice in out dependence on God, when we praise and thank the Lord for the many gifts we have been given. And one of the best ways to demonstrate our gratitude is to use those gifts to cultivate the talents and take advantage of our opportunities.

Good steward cherishes and tends God's gifts responsibly. The steward in Biblical times was a person entrusted with the goods of another and responsible for managing property he did not own. He was chosen for that role because he was trustworthy. If I believe that all I have is a gift, that is not mine by right or entitlement but rather is lent to me by the Lord, I begin to understand how important it is to use God's gifts wisely and to be accountable for the ways I use them.

We share God's gifts with others. Approach your daily work with a spirit of stewardship. Recognize your skills and abilities as gifts from God and perform your duties with gratitude for the opportunity to employ them.

How to Live Stewardship Suggestions
  • Cooks and Bakers prepare something for a person recovering from surgery or for new parents. Organize a bake sale to benefit those in need. Share your gift with an elderly person who does not get much company.
  • The Mechanically Inclined help a single parent trying to manage a household alone. Ask if someone in the parish needs a mower repaired.
  • Writers and Artists find out if St. Bernard is in need of public relations guidance. Help draft newspaper ads for upcoming events. Create signs for the next parish or school function.
  • Heath Care Workers sign up as a Special Minister to the Sick. When you bring Holy Communion to shut-ins, you can also minister to someone of their physical needs.
  • Athletes coach a youth sports team or organize an event for other athletes to participate in.
  • Remember we all have within us the time, treasure, or talent to impact our parish, our community, and others in meaningful ways.
  • Consider supporting others in their charitable ministries by giving a financial gift.
  • Prayer on behalf of others is a gift of tremendous value that you can give no matter what your circumstances
  • What can you do to be a good Steward of your parish and of your faith?

For more information please click here to send an email to the chairperson of the Stewardship Committee.