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Dec 13, 2018

Are you cleaning your house?  Are you decorating it for the season?  Are you hosting a celebration?  Do you have enough food and beverage?  Are you setting the table?  Do you welcome your guests?  Are you sharing conversation through speaking and listening?  Do you add special music or song for your guests?  Our homes are made ready for a celebration and we spend much time doing that. 

St. Bernard is YOUR home also.  Please don’t stop reading.

We find and learn our faith and are sent from our St. Bernard Home.  How does this happen?  When you are a guest invited to someone’s home, do you not ask, “what can I do to help?” rather than thinking they can do the work and I can just go, rush through dinner and leave early and the host will be appreciative... 

God is the Host at St. Bernard and His answer is, “yes, your help IS needed.”   Everyone’s help is needed, now more than ever.  When you are asked to help and given a small job to do, there is a good feeling in responding to that. 

So, PLEASE, at your St. Bernard Home… 

God needs more sanctuary workers to dust and make sure candles burn brightly.

God needs more ushers to welcome all of His guests.

God needs more altar servers to set the Table.

God needs more lectors to speak His Word.

God needs more Eucharistic ministers to assist in distributing His Precious Body and Blood.

God needs more cantors/choir members to sing His hymns.

And God needs more men to answer His call to the priesthood

There was no response to the Time and Talent flyer in the bulletin last month, so God is now personally asking each one of us to step forward and say, “yes, God, I’ll help!”  He asks that you call Jean Wanat at 414-460-2188 or click here to send her an email or call the Parish office at 414-258-4320 to respond “yes” or for more info.  Thank you!


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