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Understanding Senior Issues

Mar 12, 2019

The Value of Professional Guidance

8wqtmclnh60surezo4tem8ayucl.jpgEducating yourself about long-term care options can be challenging. Many people don’t even think about it until there is a need. Thus, it often turns into a crisis response that families have to cram to learn about in a short period of time. 

That also means that those of us working in long-term care interact with a lot of stressed out individuals who are scrambling to make good decisions with a limited amount of information. Not exactly a formula for positive outcomes. Having a seasoned professional help you navigate through this process can be critical.  They will: 

  • help you understand your situation, lay out options and provide resources that match your needs
  • fill in gaps in your knowledge base so you’re better equipped to make informed decisions
  • guide you to the key questions you need to ask. (This will result in fewer surprises later.)
  • take the time to listen and empathize with the caregiver. (This is the person who is often overlooked in the process and whom without, everything else is likely to fall apart.) 

I believe the greatest fear for any of us is “fear of the unknown”.  What we don’t understand can be paralyzing. Having a professional on your team can be a game changer.  With their expertise they can give you confidence that you’re on the right path, silence that voice in your head that reminds you of possible mistakes you may make, and help you feel empowered. 

So how will you know when you’ve found the right person to guide you? You’ll know when: 

  • they ask more than they tell. (Until they really understand your story how can they possibly give you answers?)
  • you realize you’re learning things you didn’t understand before
  • you’re getting guidance and not a sales pitch
  • they take the time to ask how you are doing, and what your thoughts are related to the situation 

If you have yet to find that trusted professional, I encourage you to consider calling Laureate Cares at 262-832-7113. It’s a free call, where you’d be speaking to a seasoned professional who has a minimum of 20 years in long-term care. 

This is an important decision that you want to get right.


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