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Understanding Senior Issues

Nov 5, 2018

Here’s an article written by my associate, Wendy Chossek, Laureate Lifestyle Consultant

How to Stay Involved in an Aging Parent’s Life

8wqtmclnh60surezo4tem8ayucl.jpgHave you found as your parents have aged that more time is spent helping them and less time spent socializing with them?  The simplest of activities can be the most enjoyable and can open up time for good conversation and social engagement. 

Ways to shake up the routine

Is your parent a lover of books? Libraries and independent bookstores invite authors in on a regular basis. These free events offer a chance to read a book and discuss it and the author’s talk.

Enjoy music together. Everyone has favorite music. Find time to listen to old favorites together and explore why a particular artist or style of music holds good memories for your parent. You may unearth a story you have never heard before.

Share a hobby together. Maybe knitting, quilting or woodworking?  If diminished eyesight or arthritis prevents your parent from working on a project, they might enjoy helping you with one. 

Spend time in the kitchen. Make a family favorite recipe together and learn why it has been handed down from one generation to another. Is a grandchild a bit of a foodie? They might love to learn some secrets from a seasoned baker or home chef. 

Drive to the old neighborhood. Do you live near where your parent grew up as a child? Or has your parent moved from a favorite home years ago? Take a walk or drive around the neighborhood and see what stories get told. 

Turn a shopping trip into something more.  Even a trip to the shopping mall for new socks offers an opportunity to do something fun. Take a walk in the mall for good exercise and stop for tea and conversation.

Help organize a brunch with your parent’s friends.  Losing connections with people of their own age – church acquaintances, bridge foursome, lifelong friends — can easily occur when older adults no longer drive. 

As we get older, staying active with others helps us focus on what we can do, rather than on our limitations.  

Adele Lund

Laureate Group


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