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This Weekend's Gospel Meditation

Oct 11, 2018

Sunday October 14, 2018 - Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Christian author C.S. Lewis once wrote that Christianity is not so much about being nice people but in being "new men." We see this contrast in today's Gospel. "Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?" Jesus first answers in the predictable way. Follow the commandments! "Teacher, all of these I have observed from my youth." Perhaps for some of us it's easy to answer this way. "I'm a good person!" he seems to reply. Does he truly follow all the commandments he professes to follow? Does he -- in word and deed -- check off all the boxes of the moral law? Perhaps. Whether he's being honest or fudging the truth, Jesus accepts his answer at face value with compassion. "Jesus, looking at him, loved him."

But he's not done yet! Jesus wants to remind us that this attitude alone is not enough. "Go, sell what you have ? then come, follow me." Jesus' invitation to the young man is radical. Abandon everything that gives you any sense of security. Give it all up for an unknown future with a wandering preacher.

The Christian life is not easy. "How hard it is to enter the kingdom of God!" It's easier, Jesus says, for a gigantic camel to squeeze itself through a tiny needle's eye. But the God of the universe creates out of nothing, breaks the bars of hell, and raises the dead to life. Is a needle's eye really such an obstacle? Jesus' invitation is always bigger than our own limitations. This week, what do we need to offer up? How is Jesus inviting us to follow him?

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