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Parish Announcements

Parish Announcements

This Weekend's Gospel Meditation

Posted by Christine Meyer on 11/09/18

ENCOURAGE DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF SCRIPTURENovember 11, 2018 - Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

In 1 Samuel, God advises the prophet Samuel not to observe as men see but as God sees. He tells him to "look to the heart." This is the movement of this Sunday's Gospel reading. "Beware ... Read More »

Archdiocese Celebrates 175th Anniversary

Posted by Christine Meyer on 11/06/18

On Sunday, November 25 the Archdiocese of Milwaukee will begin a yearlong celebration of its 175th Anniversary, beginning with an opening Mass at the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist at 812 N Jackson St at 2:00 pm.

All Catholics are invited to this Mass to be celebrated by ... Read More »

Understanding Senior Issues

Posted by Christine Meyer on 11/05/18

Here’s an article written by my associate, Wendy Chossek, Laureate Lifestyle Consultant

How to Stay Involved in an Aging Parent’s Life

Have you found as your parents have aged that more time is spent helping them and less time spent socializing with them?  The simplest of activities can be ... Read More »

This Weekend's Gospel Meditation

Posted by Christine Meyer on 11/02/18

ENCOURAGE DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF SCRIPTURENovember 04, 2018 - Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

"You are not far from the kingdom of God." What does it mean to be close to God's kingdom? In today's Gospel, Jesus is in a dialogue with teachers of the law. They know well the ... Read More »

Looking for a few First Responders ...

Posted by Melita Biese on 11/02/18

... or others interested in helping our Parish formulate a Safety and Security Plan.  In the wake of recent events around the country, we have learned that our churches are not immune to violence or other crises. We would like to draw on the expertise of parish members to draft ... Read More »

STB/WCS Gym Painting

Posted by Tom Wenzel on 11/01/18

Our thanks to the generous St Bernard parishioner who donated the funds for the new lighting in the gym.  It is so bright in there that you can see the dirty walls much better.

The Tuesday Night Crew has volunteered to paint the Gym in November.  "It is our ... Read More »

Book of Life in November

Posted by Christine Meyer on 11/01/18

Parishioners are invited to inscribe the names of deceased family members and friends in the Book of Life, located on a table in the sanctuary below the statue of St. Joseph.  If the name was entered in previous years, it is still contained in the book and does not ... Read More »

The PB in PB&J

Posted by Mary O'Connell on 10/30/18

We are getting very low on peanut butter for our sandwich making for the shelters.  We make 40 PB&J sandwiches every other Tuesday morning in addition to the 200 meat sandwiches.  We're ok on the "J", but it's the "PB" we need.  Our supply is down to only 1 ... Read More »

A few good singers

Posted by Christine Meyer on 10/30/18

Calling all cantors and musicians!   We are in need of a few more cantors and musicians to assist at mass.  If you have ever thought about becoming a cantor, there will be a cantor workshop on Saturday, November 17th from 10:00 to 11:00 am in the church.  We ... Read More »

This Weekend's Gospel Meditation

Posted by Christine Meyer on 10/25/18

ENCOURAGE DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF SCRIPTUREOctober 28, 2018 - Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

"Son of David, have pity on me!" Has the cry of Bartimaeus ever escaped your lips? Today's Gospel tells the story of a blind man with a difficult lot in life. He made a living by ... Read More »


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