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Mar 13, 2018

Upcoming Events for families

  • Deliver Easter cards and plants to our homebound parishioners on your schedule the week of March 26 (more information can be found in the bulletin).  This is a wonderful way for your family to complete the circle of service; even your youngest children can participate. 

Special thank you to all the following people who recently helped with Families in Faith activities:

  • Trevin Larkin for hosting the open gym in February.  Nearly 40 people attended!
  • Cindy Last, Nancy Rivera and Michele Savoie for filling more than 400 resurrection eggs used at the Children’s Stations of the Cross.  Almost 50 children from the Tri-Parish attended the special prayer time.
  • Michele and Brian Savoie for set-up and clean-up at the potluck after Children’s Stations of the Cross. 
  • Deanna Carr and Michele Savoie for helping the children make Easter cards for our homebound parishioners after mass.
  • Donabar, Laur, Rivera and Savoie family for donating supplies for the handmade Easter cards.

St Bernard's Families in Faith is a grassroots effort by parish families to organize service, religious and social activities.  The group's mission is to nurture faith and love within our families, especially in our children.  Are you on Facebook?  Click here to visit our FB page.  Not on Facebook?  No worries, just click here to send an email to stay connected.  


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