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2017 Time, Talent & Treasure Campaign

2017 Time, Talent & Treasure Campaign


In a world that needs the unconditional love and mercy that only God provides, the Catholic Church stands ready with tools to dispense that love. This happens through the local parish and these tools are provided exclusively by your gifts of time and resources. 

The potential at Saint Bernard Parish is indescribable. Look out our parking lot at the new life in the Village, the growth at the medical complex, new neighbors in homes and apartments, and more. We need to provide God, right in the heart of this growth. But this needs to happen more vigorously from your support. Momentum is very good right now but this requires a true sacrifice from every single parishioner. 

Give to the degree that you are blessed. Your gift of both time and resources is a loving sacrifice to God from what He has first given to you. All we have is truly on loan from God; freely return a percentage of it to Him as a disciple and steward. There is no one who has nothing to offer. And please increase from what you are currently offering. The financial and time investment of parishioners in the mission of the parish is languishing at the moment. We really do need your enthusiasm. 

Our parish is more beautiful because of your presence, whatever your relationship may be. Be an active part of that with your financial sacrifice to God. Don’t be left out. Thanks for your generosity and know of my prayers and support in any way that you may need it.

To volunteer for the Time & Talent portion of the 2017 Campaign please click here.

To make a pledge to the Treasure portion of the 2017 Campaign please click here.